By Lynn Venhaus
On Sunday night, the Critics Choice Awards will air beginning at 6 p.m. CST on the CW (ch. 11 in STL). I promise you, it will be way better than the Golden Globes.

For one, I vote as a member of Critics Choice Association (formerly Broadcast Film Critics Association). Hehehehe. I am one of 400+ members. Secondly, we have a diverse membership and our nominations reflect that, unlike the 87 at HFPA.

As far as the show goes, this is what our leadership reports:

We will have virtually all our nominated performers participating virtually in our show on Sunday night. Our lineup of Presenters includes Kevin Bacon, Angela Bassett, Mayim Bialik, Phoebe Dynevor, Morgan Freeman, Gal Gadot, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hemsworth, Jameela Jamil, Eva Longoria, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jared Padalecki, Kyra Sedgwick, Yara Shahidi, Courtney B. Vance, John David Washington, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

But once the Critics Choice winner is announced and all the nominees have reacted, we will focus full-screen on the live acceptance speech, without awkwardly returning to the other nominees. And we will offer generous clips showcasing our nominated performances, a treat for audiences who may be inspired to discover movies and series they want to catch up on.

Hosted for the third year in a row by Taye Diggs and with our special See Her Award going to Zendaya, we hope and expect that our 26th annual Critics Choice Awards show will be our best ever. And as the world starts to return to normal in the coming months, we will continue to shine our light on the best the creative community has to offer at our Critics Choice Real TV Awards, Critics Choice Documentary Awards, and Critics Choice Super Awards.

Me and Seth Meyers at 2020 Awards

Last month, we brought our 3rd annual Celebration of Black Cinema to a national audience for the first time, reinforcing our commitment to championing the broadest spectrum of popular entertainment. If it’s as fun as it was last year, I will be very proud and happy! (I attended the ceremony in Santa Monica last January 2020).

It was really hard to pick winners this year — so many good nominees.

Enjoy, movie lovers!

(And if you want to read/listen to my reviews, I am in the Webster-Kirkwood Times; KTRS Radio (segment with Ray Hartmann on Sound Cloud — just go to station website, under Shows, click St Louis in the Know, and the list of audio clips is right there; Reel Times Trio podcast (all posted on Facebook page); and my website,, which is a work in progress, but content is growing.)

Me and Awkwafina at 2020 Awards

By Lynn Venhaus

April 1, 2020

Walked to Vincent’s Market to pick up a few groceries, and everyone was very polite, kept their social distance. The butcher — they have a meat counter – stood behind a window-type glass pane. They have plastic shield up at the checkout.

Hadn’t been at a store —with social distancing contact —since Friday.

Checker was a friendly young man and we chatted about the howling – the store closes at 8, so he hears it when he leaves. The Werewolves of Soulard – nightly ritual.

Vincent’s is a third-generation neighborhood market. It has many local products. What I like best is that they have small quantities – one or two chicken breasts in a package, a small bunch of broccoli, and so forth.

Picked up the latest Sauce and the rogue RFT (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Edition) issues. Bravo for them. Feels like we will come out of this stronger. Communicators will see us through the dark times and give us light.

I am adamant about supporting local businesses, so it is not a new habit I need to acquire.

Due to my inability to make a larger dent on an ever-growing to-do list, instead of making what I planned for dinner, wound up chowing down on cheese and crackers. Will cut up an apple or orange later after I watch Garth and Trisha.

Just finished my census. Took 3 minutes. Go to if you haven’t already.

Heard about the Teddy Bear Hunt – National ‘thing’ – put stuffed bear(s) in your front window. Then little tykes can walk or drive by on a Teddy Bear Hunt and count them.

Bialosky Bear

I have a Jerry “Garcia” Beanie Baby bear so that is who is sitting in the front window but I want to find one of the boys’ stuffed bears that might be packed away. I kept a few. Somewhere. Found Tim’s Bialosky Bear, the 1982 model. I can’t ‘bear’ to part with it but it’s comforting to know it’s here.

Gotta get back to writing some streaming movie reviews.

Also, for my KTRS segment Thursday night, Ray Hartmann wants me to watch Tiger King. Going in soon, Ray. My sister Mary says I must see this. Now I have a reason.

I had one of those tossing-and-turning night’s sleep after watching some disturbing movies and feeling more frightened than I had been so far about coronavirus and the failures on multiple levels. Even though I see the daily totals and news reports, I know what is ahead will be really bad compared to what has transpired. And the disconnect about people not taking it seriously. Gov. Cuomo said we all need to take Responsibility. Amen. But can’t fix stupid.

Nevertheless, I have some positive articles in the works. And it is just good to keep on keeping on.

Talked to my 87-year-old uncle today about his doctor appointments – one moved, one by phone. He is at an assisted living place that is being very conscientious. So happy he is there. I just can’t go in and see him, I am just glad he is safe and sound.

They take his temp twice a day and his BP. Good staff.

Some residents’ relatives aren’t being very nice to the staff regarding the lockdown. What can you do? It is NOT about is about their safety.

Those attitudes have always driven me crazy.

And that is precisely why this quarantine will be in place much longer because of all the people who don’t think it applies to them in a global pandemic.

Stay safe everyone. Thank you front liners. Applause, applause.